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Magic Gale - Chapter Links

Mon Oct 31, 2016, 7:47 PM
*** In the past, we simply stored the various Relativity episodes (and fan-fictions) in folders in our gallery. As there are now dozens of stories and hundreds of chapters, we felt that compilation pages might work better for our readers. ***

Friend and Relativity fan, dragondoodle, has created a fun and exciting crossover fan-fiction featuring the characters from her "A Girl 'N Her Horse" series and the Team Torrent players. It's a roller-coaster ride mashing up good ol' sword & sorcery with costumed crimefighting. If you're a fan of her series, ours, or both, it's an enjoyable read.

Below are the various chapters, as well as story art. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did/do!

Magic Gale - Part OneSara chuckled as she watched the news and finished getting ready for their stakeout, “That horse is still on the loose.”
“Still?” her brother peered at the news report showing a blurry surveillance camera picture of a spotted horse trotting down a sidewalk, looking like it was perfectly at home, “I thought they’d called in some wranglers . . .”
“Oh they did.” Sara chuckled again as she thought about what she’d just watched, “Apparently the creature is really smart. They haven’t even managed to tranquilize it.”
Michael looked puzzled, “That’s really impressive for an animal.”
“The news has been so odd lately. First those strange lights a couple weeks ago that they’re still talking about and now this loose horse that no one can catch.”
Michael snorted, “Please. People just love weird stories. They’ve already discounted those lights as ball lightning but everyone i
  Magic Gale - Part TwoYule arrived wearing the domino mask and knit cap that he tended to wear when he needed to hide his identity in these cases. He started trying to revive the two sleeping heroes as Dark Flame ran to check on Torrent. She was about to cross the street when the horse suddenly went alert and trotted back behind the building. Flame went around the other side and heard a woman's voice.
“Aardrin! You were supposed to be watching my back! Someone sneaked in behind me!” There was a pause, then “No! I didn't kill him! But I'm pretty sure he saw me. I just put him to sleep.” Sara's heart dropped. To whom was the female talking? The horse? The voice continued, “Don't give me the 'I told you so' speech, let's just get out of here! I think I found what I needed. I hope.” There was the sound of someone running and then a soft thud. “I promise. I’m not going to be doing this again.” There was another pause then, “He was wearing all black, hoo
  Magic Gale - Part ThreeThat night Team Torrent concentrated on other cases and didn’t stake out the jewelry stores. There hadn’t been a repeat thievery attempt the night before, contrary to Black Torrent’s gut feeling, so it looked as though their mystery thief was true to her word. The police were watching the last two stores anyway, so the heroes decided to focus on the areas that were being left unpatrolled. Sara found it easy to slip away to the park just as the sun was setting. She kept in contact with everyone; she certainly didn’t want to find herself walking into a trap, but she was oddly excited about this meeting. How many times do you have a “conversation” with a horse? She parked her motorcycle in thick brush and walked quietly toward the meeting place, wondering if it/he was even going to show up. She gave a little jump when the horse appeared out of the shadows and walked toward her, his hooves making no sound against the grass.
She cleared her throat and fel

Magic Gale - Part FourTorrent cleared his throat and pointed to his three teammates in turn, “This is Zephyra, Overcast, and Blizzard . . . everyone, this is Aardrin Radbourne.”
Aardrin nodded distractedly, not taking Torrent’s absence of the healer title personally. His attention was on the table just past the three masked figures and he headed immediately for it, not waiting for permission. Rysta’s breathing had become very shallow and she was burning up with fever; he couldn’t postpone healing her any longer and he was kicking himself for not noticing the issue before now, wishing his curse didn’t include his inability to heal when he was a horse. He set Rysta gently down and looked at all of the assembled strangers, hoping they’d forgive him for his rudeness, “I’m going to heal my sister. Afterwards you can ask me anything you wish, but I won’t be able to discuss anything while I’m healing.” It showed a remarkable amount of trust to
  Magic Gale - Part Five“RYSTA! By all the GODS!” Aardrin’s voice boomed through the warehouse causing everyone to freeze in surprise, even Torrent who was about ready to launch himself at the armed woman. “STOP!” The healer grabbed Rysta off the table and set her on the floor, staring down at her, hands on her shoulders and giving her a firm shake. “You will NOT threaten these people! We need their help!”
Rysta looked up and gave Aardrin a petulant scowl, “Sounding like Tiernan isn’t going to change my mind… that’s just low.” She muttered at him and gave Torrent another suspicious look, “I don’t trust people who wear masks. They’re hiding something.”
Aardrin groaned in frustration. “If all of you would excuse us.” He pulled her off into a corner and started what looked like quite the lecture. Rysta’s arms were crossed as she frowned at the ground or looked at the heroes out of the corner of her e
  Magic Gale - Part SixThe younger Bruce man looked over at the small brunette sitting on the couch. There had been a protest when they’d had to get her into the elevator. She tried to insist that she would be perfectly fine taking the stairs all the way up to the penthouse. Everyone had laughed until they realized that she was completely serious, refusing to step foot into something she insisted was far too small. Rysta was finally convinced to use the device by Yule, who suggested that just the two of them go up first and the rest of them follow so she didn’t feel quite so crowded. By the time the rest of the team joined them, Rysta still looked shaken and pale, and Yule wasn’t looking much better. Michael was getting concerned about his father but he knew it really wasn’t the best time to have a confrontation about the older man’s health.
Michael had watched Rysta silently as she’d inhaled her meal while she talked to Yule about the ins and outs of magic as if she expec

Magic Gale - Part SevenAfter what felt like only a short period of restless sleep, Michael was awoken by the persistent soft beeping of the proximity alarm. He sat up and squinted at the monitor. Someone had opened the door to the roof garden. He grumbled and pulled on some clothes quickly, already suspecting what, or rather, whom, he’d find out there. He refrained from waking up Yule or Sara, if he couldn’t take care of this by himself what was the point of being a superhero? He turned off the alarm and quietly made his way down the stairs and to the door that led out to the garden.
Rysta sat perched on the railing looking down over the lights of the city. She was wrapped in a blanket from the bed she’d been put in and was simply staring off into the horizon. She looked even more lost than earlier. Michael sighed and made a scuffling noise so he wouldn’t startle her when he spoke. Just seeing her sitting like that, balanced on the narrow top of the metal balcony railing made him nerv
  Magic Gale - Part Eight“Aardrin, if only you weren’t so tall this would be easier!” Rysta winked at him. The brunette woman looked far more relaxed and rested than she had the night before and had been displaying remarkable energy and enthusiasm for the shopping trip that Sara had taken them on. The Sorceress seemed very pleased with her new clothing, already wearing a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and coat as she walked down the street carrying her bags. She was still wearing her own boots, but even Sara admitted that they looked perfectly acceptable. Rysta hadn’t changed her belt with her carrying pouch either, although she had followed Sara’s advice and run it through the belt loops in her jeans.
“Like I have a choice in the matter.” Aardrin’s voice was a grumble but his face was amused and his eyes were twinkling “Although that last store had some things that fit.” He was looking comfortable in the khakis, shirt, and jacket he’d found at the Big
  Magic Gale - Part NineRysta sat on the couch sullenly. “I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t let Aardrin help.” She looked over at Ravenswood.
Aardrin was pacing around the coffee table between Rysta and Ravenswood, looking troubled. “I thought I had helped! There’s nothing wrong with him physically that I could find that I didn’t already fix!”
“What if your healing has some sort of weird side effect on us? What if we’re just not exactly the same and it causes problems?” Ravenswood suggested from his chair.
Aardrin stopped suddenly and looked stricken, “Gods. I hadn’t thought of that. But, from what I can tell, you’re similar enough to us that it really doesn’t make a difference.” He rubbed his head, obviously upset by the idea that he could have been the cause of Yule’s troubles.
“Aardrin, I don’t think you had anything to do with it. They were talking about Yule having headaches and it s

Magic Gale - Part Ten“I’m really sorry.” Rysta looked at the map that Michael had set on the table in front of her. She sat at the conference table, wearing her damaged pants and looking pale and exhausted in addition to being frustrated. “I only know direction, not distance, and I can’t make that information correspond to a map of a place I hardly know.”
“You’re the one who sent them off!” Michael was also feeling tremendously frustrated.
Rysta glared at the blond man as she rested against the table. “I was never very good at locating people magically. Even if I had the energy, I doubt I could find their exact location without going out there myself. You know where they’re headed though; can’t you just go there as well?”
Michael frowned in thought, “I suppose if we took you out in a car . . .” His cell phone rang from his pocket, interrupting him. He pulled the phone out and his expression changed to surprise as he l
  Magic Gale - Part ElevenRavenswood groaned as he limped toward the couch and plopped down on the heating pad that Melody had left there for him. Everything hurt; there was absolutely no muscle that wasn’t screaming in protest over what happened last night and there were several areas that felt heavily bruised. Even battling villains didn’t leave him this sore.
He’d had to go to the ER to get his stomach pumped, at Melody’s insistence after he told her the whole story, which was just insult to injury in his mind. All he wanted to do now was sit and let the painkillers, ice packs, and heating pads do their work and hope no one needed him to move any time soon. He turned on the TV, hoping to find something to distract him from his aches and pains.
The first thing that came on, after the commercials, was a report about Martin Bling and his new look. Ravenswood blinked as he stared at the screen. The man looked genuinely younger; his hair was thick and well-groomed with not a trace of grey,
  Magic Gale - Part Twelve“How does it fit?”
“Good.” Rysta turned around as she looked at herself in the mirror. The one thing she really appreciated about this world was that women could wear pants without getting the side eye. “I may take this back with me when we go home, it’s really comfortable.” She grinned at Yule.
The day had been spent working on her costume and testing her magic’s effects on electronics. Yule had made a few interesting discoveries and was tinkering with the adjustments to the team’s communications system while Rysta tried on her new uniform. He looked up briefly, “You’re sure about not having a cape? I have enough of the purple material . . .”
“No, this is good. A cape would just be a bunch of fabric to get in the way and snag on stuff.” She spun around then put her hand on the hilt of her wand. “The sheath is perfect.”
“That was easy, I just used the design you had already, it’s

Magic Gale - Part ThirteenMichael had been impressed by Rysta’s ability to completely become her Purple Mage persona. Grinning broadly and doing some really flashy “magic” (that she admitted quietly to him did nothing but blow things around but made it look like she was clearing the air of any toxins) she captured the attention of the crowd outside the club. The people on the floor of the club helpfully but unintentionally played along by starting to try to get up after being hit by the brisk breeze. He suspected that a couple of the emergency workers had given her their number in passing, not that she would know what to do with that information, but it still bothered him for some reason.
However, once they were out of sight and headed for his car, she seemed to wilt in exhaustion, even going so far as to let him help her into the car. He was glad that someone had taught her what a seatbelt was, though the fact that she just slumped against the door as they drove back made him concerned. He kn
  Magic Gale - Part FourteenDark Flame approached the stables cautiously. Her first indication that something was wrong were the two unfamiliar cars blocking the drive up to Bruce Manor. She drove around the back of the house, then slipped into her uniform after hiding her car behind one of the out-buildings. There was a great deal of commotion at the stables and a large black horse trailer parked in a place she knew it wasn’t allowed.
As she crept closer she heard a loud scream from a horse, then someone flew over the paddock fence. The man hit the ground with a loud thud and groaned in pain. Sara winced and crept closer to see what was going on. In the paddock were three men she didn’t recognize trying to get Aardrin into the horse trailer, but he was having none of it. There was one rope around his neck and one around his back leg and yet he was still acting like a wild beast; rearing, kicking, and baring his teeth with his ears flat back like he was out for blood. Maybe he was; he certainly had ki
  Magic Gale - Part FifteenMichael had just started through the underbrush with Yule on his heels when they saw Aardrin being helped along slowly between Ray and Sara. Michael sped up to meet them. Ravenswood noted that Yule was trying to hide the fact that he still had the cuffs on from Sara. Michael looked at Sara and Aardrin, “Are you both okay? That’s a lot of blood . . .”
Aardrin sounded like he was still having difficulty catching his breath. “It’s all mine. If Sara had been hurt, I’d have healed her first.”
Suddenly Yule’s voice grated out from behind Michael, but Ravenswood quickly recognized the cadence belonging to Tiernan and not Yule, “Aardrin Radbourne! You may have gotten the height in the family, but your brother most assuredly got the brains! How many times have I told you to heal YOURSELF first?!” Aardrin’s expression at Yule’s words was like someone had hit him in the back of the head with a board. Yule continued, “Oh

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Magic Gale - Part NineteenYule sat in the Control Room meeting area waiting for Michael to appear. The CEO had called an hour ago sounding incredibly agitated, saying he had to do some research but that he’d be home as soon as he found out more about what Bling was up to. Something about a building and permits and a general disbelief about a project that had somehow gotten approval by the City in record time. Yule decided to see if there was anything on the television about it. Bling generally liked to crow about his successes, so odds are he had a press conference or twelve in the works. He turned on the large monitor above the table and tuned in the local news.
“. . . the city has given its approval to Martin Bling for his new 50-story Hotel/Casino, to be named The Bling Eclipse and located right in the heart of Gale. Protesters are already lining up near City Hall, making their voices heard.”
Yule felt his jaw drop as he continued listening to the report. How in the world did Bling manage t
  Magic Gale - Part TwentyMichael had watched the story with interest and could understand why she felt the way she did about Shok’Artel. He was feeling a bit homicidal toward the Wizard himself after the tale, this was certainly NOT someone they wanted working with Bling. He had shared a little of his own background with her, which she listened to with interest. They had similar histories, and yet so different. Farm girl turned Sorceress and rich boy turned Superhero, yet here they were sitting in a warehouse together swapping childhood memories. The tales changed to comparisons of life and training and soon there was a healthy bit of boasting and challenging going on. Rysta had just bragged about her athleticism even without the help of her magic and Torrent challenged her to prove herself. She asked Aardrin to position himself in the middle of the warehouse facing them with his head down, his nose practically on the floor.
“Watch carefully, Torrent. I’m betting you wouldn’t be able to
  Magic Gale - Part Twenty-one“It’s all sparkly, like someone dumped glitter all over it!” They were close enough to see the roof from their vantage point. Michael was not happy about how his building looked. It was just wrong.
“It’s not glitter, Torrent.” Mage chuckled, “But I don’t know, I think it’s rather striking. I mean, the building is called Crystal Towers and now matches its name.”
“Not funny. You’re sure you can fix it?”
“Yes, I can fix it.” She shook her head in amusement at his dismay. “I’m going to have an audience though.” She pointed toward the helicopters circling and the crowds of people simply staring up at the nearly iridescent looking building.
“I already told Blizzard we aren’t going to be able to keep this under wraps, go ahead and be as visible as you need to be. We’ll come up with something to explain it all.” He looked pained. “Just get rid of the sparkle

Magic Gale - Part Twenty-twoRysta stirred, finding her cheek resting on warm skin and strong arms around her. “How long have I been asleep?”
“Not long.” Michael’s voice rumbled interestingly with her ear against his chest. “I’m surprised actually, I expected you to be asleep a lot longer.”
“Not that surprising.” She stretched, “More magic to pull from means I don’t have to depend on my own resources as much.”
“Is that why you’ve been more energetic?” He chuckled.
“Maybe.” Rysta propped herself up with one arm and smirked at him, “Are you saying I’ve been lazing about?”
“No. You just seem to have a bit more pep than before.” Michael grinned at her, “Also not so grumpy.”
She raised an eyebrow at him, “I was grumpy? Me?” She laughed and tweaked his nose. “Guilty as charged.” She sighed and settled back down into his embrace. “I think there

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  Magic Gale - Part Twenty-fourSara groaned and tried to sit up.
“Easy, Dark Flame.” A familiar voice came from next to her.
“Zephyra?” She looked over and then hugged her teammate, “You’re all right!”
“Well, sort of. You appeared out of no-where and landed on me.” The masked blonde returned the hug with a concerned look, “What are you doing here?”
“We came here to deal with Bling and find you. Where’s Purple Mage?”
“She came too? I haven’t seen her. It’s just been me and Aardrin until you showed up.” Zephyra frowned.
Sara looked over and caught sight of Aardrin chained and muzzled in the corner. “No . . .” There was blood on his back and around his neck and he looked exhausted. She bit her lip in concern.
Zephyra pulled on her teammate’s shoulder and gave Dark Flame a firm look when she faced her again. “We’ve got to get out of here. Shok’s been using Aardrin like some sort


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  Magic Gale - Part Twenty-nine“Sara? Sara!” Aardrin sat up, looking around in alarm. She had been in his arms and now she wasn’t and it panicked him. It took a moment for him to realize that he was no longer in the dark room where he’d jumped into Shok’s creature. He narrowed his eyes to try and figure out where he was. It was a small windowless room full of beds. The one door was closed but there was enough light filtering from the edges to see. There was also a device with bright numbers on it that added a little extra light.
“Aardrin?” Sara’s voice came from across the room and he finally spotted her in one of the beds and sighed with relief. She sounded tired, but she was alive. They were both alive. It worked! Sara sat up and looked around, bewildered, “We’re in the control center sleeping quarters . . . I think.”
Aardrin got out of his bed slowly, feeling wobbly and light headed, and made his careful way toward her, “Is that where we are?
  Magic Gale - Part ThirtyThe days merged into something passing as routine for Team Torrent. Michael, Sara, Ravenswood, and Melody went to their respective jobs during the day and did their normal superhero rounds at night.  Rysta and Yule, with Tiernan, spent most of their days spell-casting and trying to solve the problems involved with getting all of them back home. Aardrin had been given a notebook and was furiously writing things down about how to deal with a potential healer so that Sara would know how to deal with anything that might come up. Yule also gave Aardrin a crash course in running the comm center so that he could help Team Torrent when they needed it, in addition to being on alert for any injuries that might need his attention.
One evening, after a particularly annoying period of time where Tiernan and Rysta were constantly running into each other trying to get their spells in order, Rysta decided to go to the roof of an abandoned warehouse to continue her project. She wanted to finish it

Magic Gale - Part Thirty-one“One broken leg, several cases of chemical inhalation, and a broken nose on that guy in the makeup that Torrent was carrying.” Aardrin stretched and looked at the collection of police and other people still surrounding the area and dealing with the clean-up. “Not too bad.”
“Carnie Kid, that’s the name of the fellow Torrent caught.” Dark Flame nodded as she brushed the dirt off her costume. “Thanks for helping with catching the strays as well. Those guys were fast.” She grinned up at him.
“It was strangely fun. I don’t think they expected someone my size, though it would have been easier if I’d had a sword or a weapon of some sort.” Aardrin smirked as he cracked his knuckles. “Think we can sneak off now?”
“I think so, it looks like they’ve got everything under control.”
Aardrin put his hands behind his neck as he looked thoughtfully out toward the warehouse, then nodded. “Te

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